Israeli and Middle Eastern Culinary Arts studies in Tel Aviv

Participants with a background in professional cooking are invited to embark on an adventure: living, studying and honing their skills in Tel Aviv! The Culinary Arts studies are taught by ORT Dan Gourmet Cooking Center, which is well renown for the high quality of studies and practical approach. 

You'll study for a certificate in Israeli, Middle-Eastern, and Mediterranean cuisine. The program includes 12 workshops in the following topics (subject to change):


1. Introduction to the Israeli produce: salads and versatility of Middle Eastern vegetables. 

2. Israeli street food: Falafel, Shawarma, and Sabich

3. Vegan: Why in 2017 Tel Aviv became known as the 'Vegan-Nation'? Making vegan food tasty and working with a wide variety of ingredients. 

4. Galilee Food: Druze and Christian influences on Israeli foods, and Mediterranean food, such as Greek and Spanish influences on Israeli cuisine

5. North African cooking: Influences of North American Moroccan, Egyptian

6. Middle Eastern food & cooking styles: Includes Lebanese, Turkish, Iranian and Iraqi, and Yemenite dishes.

7. Jewish Holidays traditional dishes and "Jewish foods

8. Banquets: What is considered high-class Israel finger foods, fine dining cuisine and dishes served in events?

9. Israeli breakfast: Shakshukah, Jachnun, and other dishes that turn the Israeli breakfast into a morning feast.

10. Outdoor cooking: Working with a Taboon and underground cooking, 

11. Baking: Challah, Pita, and Laffa breads  

12. Local Desserts and sweets, such as Bak'lawa, Malbi, and Knafe

All classes will be taught in English (or Spanish based on class profile and availability). 

(Workshop content and dates subject to change).

Lectures, Seminars and theoretical classes will take place at the COLLEGE OF LAW AND BUSINESS. Culinary students join the hospitality track for some of the classes listed here.

For universities looking to send students to Israel, Study in Israel offers to tailor the curriculum to meet your study requirements, as well as collaboration with the academic institutions in Israel for creating a study program in line with the study requirements from both institutions.  Contact us directly for more details.