About The College of Law & Business - Ramat Gan


Short-term Certificate studies at CLB

The College of Law and Business (CLB) offers a wide range of international programs to better equip students to the ever changing, fast paced global economy.   

Among its numerous programs, students may choose to participate in short-term certificate studies which focus on the soft skills needed in business administration and management. These courses cover topics such as: hospitality service, events production, negotiation and guest services, and cultural lessons about business in Israel.  

To understand the relationship between the College and Study in Israel, see the universityinisrael.com website. 


About the College of Law & Business

Founded in 1995, The College of Law and Business allows students of all backgrounds to realize their goals of having a top-quality legal and/or managerial education.  It is second largest private law college in Israel, and the only one that teaches a Law Degree LLB in English and Hebrew.

CLB urban campus is located in the heart of Tel-Aviv's Business Technology Center. Tel Aviv was named the World’s Second “Most Innovative City” (Wall Street Journal, 2013) and won the World Smart Cities Award (Smart City World Expo, 2017). CLB is a walking distance from "Yarkon Park" – a tranquil oasis in the heart of Tel Aviv to recharge and foster personal growth. 

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